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A Sneak Preview of Action Comics #1

So far I’m liking what I see.  He’s acting very Golden Age and that makes me happy.  Click here.

Action Comics #1 (2011)

Nice boots.

It looks like the Superman: Man of Steel movie is getting DCnU inspired.

Superman: The Man of Steel

The pic on the left clearly shows his belt painted a red color.

UPDATE: It looks like someone may have photoshopped the color into it.. 🙁

Not red.

The Superman: Man of Steel costume is… kinda funky

Check out some much clearer pictures of Henry Cavill dressed in the Superman: Man of Steel costume.  (Via the Comic Book Movie website)

Superman: Man of Steel

Superman: Man of Steel


Another Candid Shot of Superman But With The Cape This Time

That's a mighty big cape

A Candid Shot Of Henry Cavill In The Supersuit


The new brief-less Supersuit