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DCnU Justice League Action Figures


I'm not wearing any underwear.

Bleeding Cool has some nice pictures of theDCnU Justice League. I have to admit, Superman’s new look is really starting to grow on me and I really like Wonder Woman with the pants, although it seems she’s back to wearing hot pants.  The rest of the team look pretty much the same with the exception of some extra seems in their costumes to give them an updated/fresh/kewl look.


As I’ve said before, I’m really hoping this takes off and works for DC.  It would help not to have a retarded amount of summer crossover events which Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 look like they are already setting up for.

DCnU Justice League

Hey! Where's the black guy??

Best Synopsis of Justice League #1 I have read


Brian Hughes over at his ‘Again With The Comics‘ blog sums up Justice League #1 quite eloquently.

Batman argues with Green Lantern, they fail to stop a monster from blowing up the sewer, then, Superman! To be continued! That’ll be $4.00, please!

The 'new' Justice League

Maybe it was the reduced page count but there just didn’t seem to be anything of substance in the book.  When I got to the end I was like ‘That’s it?’.  It also felt like I was reading an issue of Green Lantern guest starring Batman.  Other than a cameo of pre-Cyborg Vic Stone and 1 panel of Superman no other member of the Justice League appeared.  Too little content, they should have gone with a double sized issue.

I’m really hoping that the New52 takes off and they gain (and keep) tons of new reader.  I find some of what they are doing exciting (Action, All Star Western) and others… well not so good (Teen Titans, Batwing).  I will be checking out all first issues and which ever one grabs me gets collected up to issue #3 and from there up to issue #6.  If they make it that far they stay on the pull list.  I  have said to my buddy Jason “I predict 50% of these titles will be cancelled by issue 12”.  I still stand by that.  Time will tell.

Pirates get the jump on Justice League #1

This is absolutely ridiculous! DC needs to get the digital copies out before print so they can keep the piracy down.

It’s all about the customer service and the ‘now’ generation.  With the advent of digital music, streaming movies and eBooks, it’s almost silly to not expect the same from comic books.

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