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The Batman – First Wave Write-Up (Thrilling Tales/Savage Worlds RPG)


Real Name: Bruce Wayne

Base of Operations: Gotham City (near Los Angelas, CA)

Occupation: Businessman/Investor
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Blue
Marital Status: Single

Group Affiliation: None


Attributes: Agility: d10, Smarts: d8, Spirit: d12, Strength: d10, Vigor d10

Charisma:+2 , Pace: 6, Parry: 8, Toughness: 7

Skills: Climbing: d8, Fighting: d10, Intimidation: d10, Investigation: d10, Lockpicking: d12, Notice: d12, Pilot: d10, Shooting: d10, Stealth: d12, Streetwise: d10, Swimming: d6, Tracking: d10.

Edges: Alertness, Attractive, Block, Bring It On!*, Charismatic, Connections, Combat Reflexes, Filthy Rich, Investigator, Thief, Two-Fisted.

* Denotes an Edge from Thrilling Tales

Hindrances: Heroic, Vow (….)


M1911’s (x2)
Range: 12/24/48  Damage: 2d6+1  RoF: 1 Shots: 8+1  Notes: AP 1, Semi-Auto

Utility Belt
Smoke Capsules: MBT (-6 to sight based rolls)

Grapple Gun:
Bat-line (As per Swinging, Ensnare)



Bat Cycle:

Hang Glider Cape:


Still a work in progress!

I decided to not use any superhero genre rules and to go with a strictly hero pulp style write up using the Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition (Savage Worlds) by Adamant Entertainment.  The Edges and incapacitation rules presented in this supplement are fantastic and capture the feel of the hero pulps that First Wave is based on.

This is a young, somewhat inexperienced Batman who is still mostly unknown by the general populace.  Even as a new hero Batman has high traits and plenty of Edges.  He isn’t quite as dark as his Earth-1 counterpart and most notably uses twin .45’s like many of the heroes in pulps do.  He also doesn’t have an over abundance of gadgets.  No Batarangs, Batmobiles or even BatGyro’s make an appearance, just his .45’s, a smoke grenade and a couple frag grenades(!).  He has no qualms with shooting back at the bad guys or using one as a shield to protect himself from enemy gunfire.  His attitude on killing is much like his very early Golden Age appearances.