Classic Site

Old School!

I started my original page back in the mid 90’s when the internet was still in it’s infancy.  I was a regular on the DC Heroes Email List and, as was with most of the members, we were all avid comic book readers.  Taking my love of comics and Mayfair’s fantastic RPG set to DC’s Universe, I created a website called ‘Heroes Homepage’ that showcased my many write-ups.  Being a novice, most of the page was hand coded or written using FrontPage, Dreamweaver and NVU.  Later on, I had delusions of grandeur and started to expand the page out to cover more of my interests and even have (hand coded!) news updates.  Almost like a blog!  This was before anyone even knew what a blog was.  ORION’s Constellation was born with the Heroes Homepage being it’s main attraction.

As life tends to go on, the email list became a Yahoo! Group, Mayfair lost the license to DC and other things started complicating my life.  I moved away from the page for many years until finally putting up an ‘I am officially no longer updating this page’ post.

I have and still do dabble with other interests but with the advent of WordPress and it’s amazing capabilities it’s so easy to keep these pages updated on a somewhat regular basis.  It’s a no brainer.  So I’m back with what you see here.

The graphic above or the link below will bring you to my original site.  Go easy on me, it’s still Web1.o.