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Lucas Finally Loses It (Darth Schwarzenegger)

Yet another ‘Special Edition’…

Doctor Who Theme Disco-ized

This is funky and makes me want to wear bell botoms.

via The Disco Academy

Captain Planet, he’s got the power bitches!

Aliens -vs- Predator, Bobby Fischer Style

via The Guild of Calamitous Intent


AvP’s 8 Saddest Real World Superheroes

I love comic books as much as the next geek but this is wacky.


The 8 Saddest Real World Superheroes — powered by

Aquaman’s House?

Aquaman's House?

Aquaman's House?


Whatever it is, it’s a pretty cool picture.

Spam Already!?


Spam Sucks!

I just re-activated my email address after years of it being inactive and I am already getting spammed!  Do these people have a soul??

Ok then…

WordPress has A LOT of themes to play with. Some good, some not so good. Time to play around some more tomorrow.