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US Jones

U.S. Jones
Uriel ‘Uri’ Sasha Jones
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Relatives: Numerous
Group Affiliation: G-Men, Secret Service
Base of Operations: Washington, DC, Mobile
Height: 6’0″ Weight: 190lbs
Eyes: Green  Hair: Brown

Uri’s mother Elana emigrated from Russia with her parents, younger sister and four brothers. His father, Max Jones is a retired Air Force colonel and current senator.  With one parent being an immigrant and the other a former serviceman, Uri grew up in a very patriotic household.

After graduating from college he followed in his fathers footsteps and enlisted in the Air Force becoming a Pararescueman.  There he excelled and quickly rose through the ranks becoming a team leader.

He was recruited into the Secret Service by his former commander and then on to the ‘G-Men’ team when the government wanted it’s own specialized team of costumed operatives to investigate super powered crimes and liaise with the burgeoning superhero community.

His role on the team is Field Commander.

Family man. very intelligent and has an amazing grasp of tactics.

Dressed as a typical Secret Service agent; black suit, sunglasses, ear piece and wrist mic.  He also has a more tactical outfit consisting of black fatigues, body armor and an M4.

S&W M&P40
Personalized M4

Design Notes
The patriotic costume had to go.  Not because it was patriotic but because it was hideous looking.  Although the costume does indeed show up…