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Describing the Flash Dilemma in a Facebook post


A discussion came up about the Flash and he was referred to as Wally but was quickly corrected as Barry.  A non comic reader didn’t quite get what we were talking about so I posted this.


In a nutshell.

Barry Allen – original Flash died sacrificing his life to save not the world, not the universe but the MULTIverse in 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Wally West – Kid Flash took over his mentors role as the new (and arguably much better) Flash.

Sometime in 2009, Barry made his return to the DC Universe because “CSI shit is cool” (he was forensics in his day job) and Geoff Johns, DC’s head creative guy said so.

Flash forward (PUN!!) to 2011 and the DC universe under the guidance of Dan DiDio (said asshole), Jim Lee (good artist, shitty story teller) and Geoff Johns (good story teller but bad decision maker) decide to REBOOT the entire DC Universe again but this time conveniently forget to include the most popular Flash ever (he doesn’t exist anymore).

Moral? DC is swirling down the shitter. And don’t get me started on Donna Troy.


Am I right or what?