DC’s First Wave written up in Two-Fisted Tales RPG

I love pulp, comics books and role playing games!  When I created my Classic Site back in the early 90’s it was to showcase my character write-ups and house rules.  Being a huge comic book fan, 99% of those write-ups were superheroes using a superhero based RPG system.  DC tried getting into pulp comics in 2010 using their street level heroes as well as licensing some popular pulp characters.  I thought I would try to do what I’ve done in the past and showcase them as write ups but using a pulp based rules system instead.

First Wave #2

I was happy to see DC make an attempt at getting pulp comics going with their First Wave series but sadly the spin off books were quite bad and they neglected to launch a pulp Batman one!  Still the Batman/Doc Savage Special and the original First Wave mini series were a lot of fun to read.

The concept of DC’s pulp world has no super powered beings in it and uses a blend of licensed pulp characters like Doc Savage and the Avenger along with Batman, The Blackhawks and even Will Eisner’s The Spirit.  The time period it took place in was just as blended.  Dirigibles and 1940’s looking cars were seen along with cell phones and flat screen TV’s.

Brian Azzarello wrote the special and the mini series to set the world in motion.  Sadly First Wave ended before it uh, ended…  In other words it was pretty much cancelled before the last issue came out.

World's Finest

This World's Finest

The Two-Fisted Tales RPG by Precis Intermedia Games is an ENnie nominated Role Playing Game made for the pulp genre.  It features an easy to learn, fast paced rules system that scales perfectly with DC’s First Wave.  My goal is to create character write-ups using the Two-Fisted Tales rules set for Batman, Doc Savage, The Avenger, The Spirit and others.  This will be a work in progress so stay tuned.