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Doctor Who Theme Disco-ized

This is funky and makes me want to wear bell botoms.

via The Disco Academy

Captain Planet, he’s got the power bitches!

Aliens -vs- Predator, Bobby Fischer Style

via The Guild of Calamitous Intent



Pirates get the jump on Justice League #1

This is absolutely ridiculous! DC needs to get the digital copies out before print so they can keep the piracy down.

It’s all about the customer service and the ‘now’ generation.  With the advent of digital music, streaming movies and eBooks, it’s almost silly to not expect the same from comic books.

Read the article over on Comic Book Resources.

Dark Knight Rises Porn (XXX Parody Trailer)

The Superman: Man of Steel costume is… kinda funky

Check out some much clearer pictures of Henry Cavill dressed in the Superman: Man of Steel costume.  (Via the Comic Book Movie website)

Superman: Man of Steel

Superman: Man of Steel


Another Candid Shot of Superman But With The Cape This Time

That's a mighty big cape

A Candid Shot Of Henry Cavill In The Supersuit


The new brief-less Supersuit’s 8 Saddest Real World Superheroes

I love comic books as much as the next geek but this is wacky.


The 8 Saddest Real World Superheroes — powered by

Marvel Almost Licensed The DC Characters in 1984!

Superman By Marvel Comics!

This is an amazing story that Jim shooter is telling on his blog.  Give it a read, it’s very eye opening!